With the holidays long over and the promise of warm spring and summer days teasingly still so far away, it’s a bit of a struggle to make it through the last several weeks of winter. If you are anything like me, it takes a bit more effort to bundle up and venture out into the cold instead of hiding inside, waiting for spring.

In spite of the effort it takes to get outside in the last stretch of winter, it is still so important for us to push through the cold weather blahs and spend time outdoors. Everyone in my family benefits from exercise and fresh air, no matter the weather!

When the magic of a new winter has worn off, it sometimes takes a few extra tricks to make going out in the cold seem worthwhile. Here are a few of the ways we try to make our winter outings a little more enjoyable.

5 Ways to Make Winter Adventures More Enjoyable

Dress appropriately for the weather.

Nothing kills an outdoor adventure faster than being helplessly cold! Focus on smart layering to keep you warm and dry. Review how to layer your kids for winter activities and which items you’ll find in our closets by visiting my gear guide for kids.

5 Ways to Make Winter Adventures More Enjoyable

Pack a warm snack.

One of my family’s favorite rituals is sitting on the tailgate of our truck and sipping hot apple cider or hot chocolate after a chilly adventure. We call it “winter tailgating.” It’s the perfect way to unwind and warm back up before it’s time to head home.

5 Ways to Make Winter Adventures More Enjoyable

Bring along a friend or two.

Friends make wintery outings that much more fun. It’s great for the kids to have buddies to play and hike with, and it’s even better for their parents to have other adults to talk to! Need some adventure pals? Join your local Hike it Baby chapter.

5 Ways to Make Winter Adventures More Enjoyable

Visit a new park.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all that’s needed to make going out in the cold worthwhile. Explore the parks and recreation service pages of your city or county’s website for lists and maps of the parks and open spaces near you. Need help finding a kid-friendly hike? Read how I find and choose hikes that are appropriate for my family.

5 Ways to Make Winter Adventures More Enjoyable

Try a new winter sport or activity.

Snowshoeing has been our new adventure this year. Our winter hikes have taken us all over our local area and have inspired new dreams for years to come. Cross country skiing is high on my list of winter sports to try next season. My husband, on the other hand, is dreaming of teaching our older son how to snowboard next year.

Do you have a hard time getting motivated to play outside during the winter months? How do you make cold weather adventures more enjoyable?