My boys and I completed our first 52 Hike Challenge early last summer. I knew I wanted to take on another round, so in the weeks leading up to the end of that first challenge, I spent some time thinking about how to switch things up for the second one. I poked around the official 52 Hike Challenge website after I submitted the completion form, stumbled upon the Adventure Series, and knew right away I’d found the perfect format for my family’s second challenge.

At the time, I envisioned working on our Adventure Series as a family. We were going to take the full year to complete the challenge, working around my husband’s schedule to make sure he was with us for all 52 hikes. About four or five weeks into our challenge, we got a tiny glimpse of how crazy 2017 was going to be for our family, and I decided to scrub our Adventure Series for the time being.

52 Hike Challenge: The Explorer Series

The Explorer Series

We are now a few weeks into 2017 and the boys and I are starting to settle into a new routine for the next six months. As a way of passing the time and making some fun memories along the way, I decided it was time to resurrect our second 52 Hike Challenge.

Initially, I wanted to simply restart our Adventure Series, adding the extra objective of not repeating a trail inside of the challenge, as I’d planned before. When I visited the website again, I discovered the Explorer Series.

The Explorer Series challenges hikers to explore 52 different trails. Since this is the key objective I had in mind for our second 52 Hike Challenge, I figured the Explorer Series would be the perfect quest for Luke, Jack, and I for the next six months.

My goal is to average two Explorer Series hikes per week, completing the challenge in time for Daddy to join us on our adventures again. In addition to photos and trail notes from each hike, I also plan to shoot some video to compile into a short movie at the end of the challenge.

52 Hike Challenge: The Explorer Series

Tune in monthly for updates from this challenge and head on over to the 52 Hike Challenge website to learn more and begin one of your own!