My husband, sons, and I took the ultimate camping trip earlier this summer. We drove through eight states, visited four national parks, and hauled our little teardrop trailer over 3,700 miles over the course of about three weeks. There are so many details I will cherish forever about our trip.

Before I begin sharing my favorite moments from our family camping trip, I want to give you the basic rundown of the trip. This is for us, for memory’s sake, and for you, in case you want to plan a similar trip in the future.

Epic Camping Trip Map

I tried my best to plan our stops about 6 hours of pure driving time apart, giving us plenty of time for breaks along the way and enough daylight at our destinations to fully set up camp and start cooking dinner. Most days we stuck to this timetable, but there were two days near the end when we decided to push it to get to our destinations a little faster.

We kept a minimally stocked dry pantry box in the truck, but stopped at grocery stores every other day to fill our coolers. The only time we ate out on our trip was when we were visiting family or friends.

The longest we stayed in any one place was two nights. We covered a lot of ground this way, but in the future, we will likely stick with a shorter list of destinations and spend more time at each. All in all, though, it was a fantastic trip and I’m glad we crammed as much as we did into those three weeks!

Rockport State Park, UT

Rockport State Park
Peoa, Utah

Winnemucca/I-80 KOA, NV

Winnemucca/I-80 KOA
Winnemucca, Nevada

Mazama Village in Crater Lake National Park, OR

Mazama Campground
Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Cougar Rock Campground in Mount Rainier National Park, WA

Cougar Rock Campground
Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Sol Duc Hot Springs Campground in Olympic National Park, WA

Sol Duc Hot Springs Campground
Olympic National Park, Washington

Mokins Bay Campground, ID

Mokins Bay Campground
Hayden, Idaho

Grant Village Campground in Yellowstone National Park, WY

Grant Village Campground
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

It is nearly impossible to pick out my favorite memories from our epic family camping trip this past summer. Still, there are a handful of simple experiences that have left their mark on me: our favorite campsite at Crater Lake, a short family hike in the shadow of Mount Rainier, a picnic at Rialto Beach, and watching my son shriek with mind-blown astonishment at the eruption of Old Faithful. These are the stories I’ll be sharing here, along with way too many photos, in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!