Some of my favorite camping trips revolve around one simple thing: cooking over the fire. Nothing quite compares to flipping pancakes on a griddle first thing in the morning or savoring an ice cold beer while waiting for stew and dumplings to cook in a Dutch oven as the sun sets. For my family, campfire cooking is a huge part of why we enjoy camping as much as we do.

Campfire Breakfast: Pancakes + Sausage •
Campfire Breakfast: Pancakes + Sausage •
Campfire Breakfast: Pancakes + Sausage •

Our recent camping trip to Woodland Park revolved almost entirely around cooking. We planned out a handful of fun meals to cook in our cast iron griddle and Dutch oven: pancakes and sausage, stew and dumplings, and brisket with grilled veggies. Aside from a local hike, we lounged around our campsite for the majority of the trip, enjoying each other’s company and leisurely tending to the fire pit as our meals cooked slowly over hot coals.

While all of our meals over that weekend were spectacular, our campfire breakfasts were my favorite. I loved sipping from a steamy mug of hot coffee while slowly cooking over a warm fire first thing in the morning.

Campfire Breakfast: Pancakes + Sausage •

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Campfire Breakfast: Pancakes + Sausage

Ingredients + Supplies

+ Breakfast sausage links
+ Pancake mix (we love Kodiak Cakes Flapjack Mix)
+ Cooking oil
+ Maple syrup

+ Lodge Double Play Reversible Grill/Griddle
+ Metal spatula
+ Charcoal briquettes
+ Fire pit

Light your coals and allow them to burn in the fire pit for 20-30 minutes. (This is an excellent time to make yourself a pot of that camp coffee!) They should be glowing before you start cooking.

Whip up your favorite pancake mix.

Set your cast iron griddle a few inches above the glowing coals and wait for it to heat up. You can flick a few drops of water on the griddle to test if it’s hot enough to start cooking. When the drops sizzle, you’re ready to go!

Arrange the sausage links side by side on half of the griddle, leaving the other half for pancakes. Rotate the links slightly every few minutes while you pour and flip your cakes to ensure the sausages are cooked evenly.

Pour and spread a tiny amount of cooking oil onto the pancake half your griddle, then carefully pour the first batch of pancakes. Wait for the pancakes to begin to bubble before you flip them, only a minute or two if your griddle is nice and hot.

Load up your plates with your piping hot pancakes and sausage as soon as they come off the griddle and top them with your favorite maple syrup. Dig in!