Meet Lynzy, my incredibly kind and adventurous friend from Denver. Lynzy and her sweet son, Eli, are some of our favorite Colorado adventure buddies. I asked Lynzy to be my first guest contributor because I really admire her love of nature and her desire to inspire that same love in her young son. In this edition of Tales from the Trail, Lynzy shares why she and her husband hike with Eli. 

Why do you hike with Eli?

Tales from the Trail: Lynzy •
Tales from the Trail: Lynzy •
Tales from the Trail: Lynzy •
Tales from the Trail: Lynzy •

We hike with Eli because it allows him to be a child without the distractions of screens all while gaining knowledge, confidence, trust, and keeping him healthy.

On the trails his imagination comes to life and his own life becomes far more magical than any Disney movie as sticks turn into swords or he morphs into a dinosaur running through the woods or splashing at the bottom of a waterfall.

He gets to discover the simple pleasures of life like skipping a rock into a lake or jumping in a mud puddle, or the way it feels to have the warm sun kiss your cheek, to run barefoot through the grass, to witness the colors of a sunrise or sunset, to feel fresh mountain breeze blow through your hair, and to witness animals free in their natural habitats.

We hike with him because it teaches him teamwork, patience, and compassion. If you have ever hiked with Eli you know he will always be the first to help you when you fall or ask if you’re alright.

And with each trail he conquers or boulder he climbs we see his fear disappear and his confidence shine.

But most of all we hike with Eli because he loves it, he requests, it brings us closer as family as we discover new places together for the first time, and it always lets him know that when the world gets a little too crazy you can always escape to the beauty of mama nature and find safety from all the chaos.

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You can follow along on Lynzy and her family’s adventures in Colorado and beyond on Instagram and her blog, Adventures of Four. Lynzy also sells awesome shirts for the whole family in her Etsy shop, Adventure Wear Company