Summer campouts, here we come! •

“Let’s buy a trailer.”

We were in the middle of planning our summer road trip to Washington state when my husband made the suggestion. I thought he was joking.

“I’m serious, Jess. Let’s buy a Little Guy.”

We’d dreamed of buying a little travel trailer for years, long before we had kids. We imagined ourselves hauling our weekend home on wheels to some of the most beautiful places in the West, sleeping soundly in our bed beneath the trees, and waking with the sun and the crisp morning dew to make a strong pot of camp coffee.

Life never seemed quite conducive to those dreams, though. Work moved us around the country and around the world, school left us strapped for time and money, and kids… don’t even get me started on that one. My husband and I accepted our circumstances as best we could and shoved our dreams of hitting the open road on the weekends to our “someday” list.

A quick search online and several hours of crunching numbers revealed all of the possibilities that a little travel trailer would open up to us. We quickly realized that investing in our dream now would save us money on travel plans we already had, as well as give us the opportunity to make countless family memories.

It didn’t take long to find the trailer perfect for our little family of four. We found a Little Guy Silver Shadow for a great deal in Northern Colorado and before we knew it, we signed the paperwork and arranged for pickup.

Week after week, our trailer sat patiently in the garage while we waited impatiently for the springtime blizzards to cease and our boys to fully recover from an unexpected round of illness that landed them both in the hospital. At long last, the snow was gone, the kids were well, and it was finally time to head for the mountains…