Gear Guide for An Active Winter Pregnancy

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, but it wasn’t until a few months into my second pregnancy that I realized that spending time outside was something I needed on an almost daily basis in order to feel my best physically, mentally, and emotionally. After a bit of thought, I identified the biggest potential stumbling block to maintaining my active lifestyle through the winter: my lack of maternity-friendly outdoor gear.

The timing of my first pregnancy made it easy for me to spend lots of time walking outside without having to invest any effort or money on building an outdoor wardrobe. The second time around, however, I’ve had to do a bit more planning to dress my growing belly appropriately for the winter months.

Gear Guide for an Active Winter Pregnancy •

At 32 weeks pregnant now, I hike a couple of miles a few times per week. On days I don’t hike, I go for long walks around the neighborhood with my family. My gear stash allows me to spend at least an hour or two outside most days of the week and keeps me warm and comfortable when temperatures dip below freezing.

The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle through this pregnancy, particularly through the gloom of winter, have continually motivated me to find ways to get outside as often as possible and outfit myself properly so I can thoroughly enjoy even the chilliest adventures.

Gear Guide for an Active Winter Pregnancy •

The following list of clothing and accessories is exactly what you’ll find in my closet this year. Although I don’t wear every piece each time I go for a hike or a walk, these items get plenty of use through all kinds of crazy Colorado weather.

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Gear Guide for an Active Winter Pregnancy •

With the exception of my base layers, my Champion separates, and my REI fleece and shell pants, everything on this list I either already owned or I borrowed from my husband. Before you start shopping for maternity-friendly outdoor gear, read my 4 Tips for Outfitting An Active Winter Pregnancy.

Happy hiking!

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I write from my home at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I live with my husband, my two boys, and my dog and cat. I am happiest exploring the outdoors with my baby on my chest, my husband and my toddler by my side, and my camera in hand. Read more...

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