“Gotta move before the snow starts flyin’ and the newborn starts cryin’!”

It’s my personal motto these days. With winter just around the corner and the birth of my second son not too long after that, I feel especially driven to make the most of the time I have now. Each sunny day feels like a gift, a great opportunity to get outside and do something big.

These days I feel caught between two worlds, one that is carefree and familiar, and the other that seems overwhelming and foreign. I’m the mother of one and the mother of two, and yet I’m not quite either. It’s a strange sort of limbo.

"Gotta move before the snow starts flyin' and the newborn starts cryin'!" • twokidsintow.com

At present, I still operate in one-kid mode. Aside from a growing belly and the frequent kicks that remind me of the little person growing inside of me, my attention and focus rests almost entirely on Luke. We move at the pace he dictates, which, at the moment, is a pace I’m pretty happy with. We hike, we explore, we roam about as we please. Any significant life balancing has been figured out already.

My days in this season are numbered. In just a few months, I’ll add another son to my life and the pace will change, and rather dramatically. After a long, happy season of adventure with one boy, there will be a season of rest, healing, and slowly figuring out how to operate with two. I’m really, really looking forward to life with two wild sons, but I admit I am also a little nervous about how hard the transition will be, for everyone.

Until the time comes for me to fully make that shift, I will continue to focus on the limited one on one time I have left with my first born. Until my body needs that slower pace, I will continue to move as quickly and play as frequently as my son wants me to. Until the snow forces us onto the tamest of trails, I will continue to explore the beauty that is Colorado with my trusty sidekick.

"Gotta move before the snow starts flyin' and the newborn starts cryin'!" • twokidsintow.com