Thoughts after our first Hike It Baby 30 challenge •

I first stumbled upon Hike It Baby earlier this summer, in the middle of my move from Washington to Colorado. I was newly pregnant and sick as a dog; at the time the very thought of hiking with my giant toddler strapped to my back made me want to hide under my covers. Meeting other outdoor-loving families for local hikes intrigued me, though, so I tucked the idea away for later.

A couple of months passed. We moved to Colorado, closed on our new home, and slowly unpacked the boxes that had arrived from various parts of the country. By the time the first week of September had come to a close, I was feeling better across the board and ready to start living again.

I signed up for the September Hike It Baby 30 right before the cutoff on the 10th. I wasn’t sure if I could get us to the 30-mile goal by the end of the month, especially with a week late start, but I was excited for a personal challenge.

Luke and I went for many long walks exploring our new neighborhood. We met old friends for hikes in parks I hadn’t been to in over ten years, and we met new friends for hikes in parks neither of us had ever visited. We even joined our local Hike It Baby branch for one hike each week of our challenge.

As much as I enjoyed logging our miles at the end of each day and watching them quickly add up, my favorite thing about this challenge was seeing posts from other Hike It Baby families all over the country. Each day, my Facebook feed was filled with photos of parents hiking with their newborns, their toddlers, their preschoolers, and their older children. Some families hiked through the desert, some hiked in the snow. Some babies were carried, some took their first steps, and some charged energetically ahead of their parents. It was so inspiring to see so many other families striving for the same goal: to spend quality time together outside.

Thoughts after our first Hike It Baby 30 challenge •

Luke and I not only achieved our initial 30-mile goal, we surpassed it by over 20 miles! We hiked 52.45 miles total, and over half of those miles were logged on trails. I would like to set a few extra goals of my own for future challenges, such as a personal trail mileage goal and goals to lead a specific number of hikes for my Hike It Baby branch.

The next challenge is in November and I’m really looking forward to it! It will be an interesting one for sure, as winter will be closing in on us and I will be over six months pregnant.

If you are interested in joining in the fun and setting the goal to hike 30 miles in 30 days during the month of November, head on over to the Hike It Baby blog and subscribe to receive email updates about the last Hike It Baby 30 challenge of the year.