Balanced Rock Road, Pike National Forest, CO •

Balanced Rock Road | Pike National Forest, Colorado

It has been an incredibly busy summer for my little family! Since my last post over two months ago, my husband finished his year away and joined Luke and I in Washington. The three of us then packed up our home, tearfully said goodbye to my family, friends, and sweet neighbors, and set off to begin our new chapter in Colorado.

Although the transition was much bumpier than I originally anticipated, life has come together beautifully. After over a year and a half separated in some way, shape, or form, my family, my pets, and all of my household goods are now under one roof and it feels so good!

New chapters in life bring lots of changes. Over the next couple of months, I plan to roll out some major changes to this blog. While family-friendly adventures will remain the core of what I write about, I will be shifting gears and adapting to my new life here in Colorado.

Until the transition is complete, stay tuned for a big announcement and a recap of our adventures in our “new” state over the last few months!